3rd round report

March 9, 2020 06:09 PM

The third day of the tournament came and for the third time players went through the required anticheat control.

WFM Hana Modrova, anticheat control before the roundWFM Hana Modrova, anticheat control before the round

One of the player, Antonin Vavruska, also got a present from the organizer as it was his birthday.

Antonin Vavruska celebrating his birthdayAntonin Vavruska celebrating his birthday

In the category 65+ in this round, the German teams failed at the first two tables losing to Israel and to the Czech Republic 1 1.5: 2.5. On the third table Germany 1 defeated Norwegian OSS1 3: 1. Czech Republic 2 - Coriolus CZ and Polabiny Pardubice also defeated their rivals by one point. Russia scored a win over Hungary 3: 1 and France beat Switzerland 3.5: 0.5 overwhelmingly . Czech Republic women lost to SK Tachov.

Team Polabiny PardubiceTeam Polabiny Pardubice

In the category 50+ on the first table Yamal defeated Scotland 1. The first three chessboards were tied and the match was decided by Nikolay Tolstikh. It is necessary to point out that one of the players of Yamal is Jouri Goriachkin, father of Alexandra Goriachkin, the last challenger of the world woman champion . The Czech Republic 2 lost high against the USA, just Zbynek Vrbata against Grandmaster Alex Yermolinsky scored only one half. Another team from the United States, the US TOO also has failed and lost to England 2. Two Czech teams played on the fourth table against each other and the Czech Republic 1 defeated a team called 1960-61 3: 1. Slovakia defeated Moscow 3:1.

GM Ftáčnik and GM ŠtohlGM Ftáčnik and GM Štohl

Authors: Venuše Souralová, Marta Motúzová

Photos: Vladimír Jagr

Photos at Zonerama

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