6th, 7th round report & final ceremony

On Wednesday afternoon in the 65+ category two teams of Germany played on first two tables. Israel beat Germany 1  3.5: 0.5, only GM Hort scored a half...

Best players of boards

At the closing ceremony beside of the best teams, the best player will be awarded according to the points on each board.

Championship finishes by round 7

In connection with the current development of the situation in Europe, the government of the Czech Republic and the National Security Council have...

Middle press release

On Tuesday, the World Senior Teams Championship chess tournament entered its fifth day.

5th round report

In the 50+ category USA played on the first board against the Czech Republic 1. USA won 2.5:1.5.

Blitz tournament

Today was chess weather - showers and mostly cloudy. One more reason for 34 chess players to stay indoors and play a Blitz tournament in the Hotel Olympic in Prague. The format was nine rounds with 2 x 4 minutes plus 2 seconds per move.

5th round will be played!

Today´s round 5 will be played. Playing halls will be divided into smaller parts. Visitors will not be allowed to go to the playing halls.


4th round report

In the 50+ category England 1 played on the first board against the USA. USA won 3:1.

3rd round report

The third day of the tournament came and for the third time players went through the required anticheat control.

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